Welcome Franka!

by Tobias on 23.05.2017

We welcome Franka Kunstmann as our newest Sandstorm student!

Franka is currently finishing her Bachelor Degree in Business Administration at University of Applied Science Mittweida and has already started a Master Program in Energy and Environmental Management at Bergakademie Freiberg in parallel. Franka will support us as a team assistant for 1-2 days a week.

Franka has experience in business administration, customer interaction and organization. She has worked in the hospitality sector in Thailand and the US, studied in Chile for more than a year and has done internships in hotels as well as various other businesses during her education. Her main tasks will be the support of our team in administration tasks, event organisation and helping us organise ourselves. 

In addition to her studies Franka likes to grow her own vegetables and fruits, travel the world to meet new people and cultures and do sports such as climbing, scuba diving and kayaking. Though still a novice at the later two, the direct connection to nature and the energy within it are full of new and positive experiences.

Welcome to Sandstorm Franka - let's create awesome web applications together!