Welcome Osama!

by Tobias on 07.08.2015

Osama Shabrez from Pakistan joined our team in mid-July.

Osama is currently studying for his Master degree in Distributed Software Systems at TU Darmstadt and is going to work with us as a Werkstudent. He started his Master degree in April and is aiming to complete it by 2017.

Osama already has experience in developing web applications from his time as a freelance developer during his bachelor degree and from his employment at another agency in Pakistan. He is experienced in Rails, PHP, Java and Android development about which he is also blogging on his personal website.

As a self-motivated team player, he adds a lot to the diversity at Sandstorm and challenges us as a team to adapt to a new culture and internal language. We are looking forward to learn from each other and develop innovative web applications together.

Welcome to Sandstorm Osama - we are excited about our collaboration!