Kotlin is an open-source statically compiled language for the JVM with a great balance between modern features and readability. Since Q3 2017, it is officially endorsed by Google to be used for Android development; so we believe it is safe to bet on it now and use it in bigger projects – thus we are rating it as ADOPT.


  • modern multi-paradigm language (Object-Oriented, Functional)
  • very readable code
  • implements Null-Safety
  • interoperable with Java


  • comparatively new; though backed by Google and JetBrains


  • We've used Groovy in quite a few projects, but we feel that with Kotlin we have a more modern, statically compiled language available. That's why for new projects, we won't use Groovy anymore.
  • Scala is an extremely powerful language, but with very slow compile times and (in our opinion) way too many syntax constructs - which hinders our productivity.