Neos and Flow

We are part of the Neos/Flow community and core team; so it should be no surprise we are rating these technologies as ADOPT. Read on why!


  • content model heavily adjustable through custom Node Types
  • rendering heavily adjustable through Fusion
  • possible to write web application / CMS hybrids by combining Neos and Flow. We call this combination Content Application Platform.
  • PHP is a very pragmatic language suited for many use cases


  • small community compared to the contenders – but the community grows and has a great and helpful attitude
  • PHP is a very pragmatic language, not suited for some heavy data processing use cases.


  • There are literally 1000s of CMS on the market, the most important ones being Drupal, Wordpress, and TYPO3; each with their own communities. We're all using Neos and Flow for these use cases.

Neos at Sandstorm

  • Recently, the Neos React UI has become the new default UI. We've been involved in building this; so we recommend to ADOPT this to all users.
  • Atomic Fusion and AFX is a great way to write rendering components – we're currently TRYing this in new project.
  • We're involved in building an event sourced content repository (Blog Post), which is on the todo list for 2018.
  • (as we are using Neos so heavily, it's hard to describe all the facets in simple sentences here. Contact us if you want to discuss specific use cases.)