I disagree with your opinion on the Radar!

That's perfectly fine! The Radar has been curated by me (Sebastian Kurfürst, CTO of sandstorm) and reflects the directions I am seeing on the technology landscape. It is inherently very opinionated – that's the main benefit of it. Many of these topics have been discussed with my awesome colleagues at sandstorm, who provided invaluable input.

What do the categories mean?

  • Adopt describes things which shall be used today and where there is no doubt that these technologies are proven and stable. This does not mean, however, that they should be used in every project.
  • Try describes things which shall be used, but which are not yet fully established in projects at sandstorm – that's why we want to build up experience in these areas.
  • Assess describes things which are more risky and challenging – so topics, which we will watch closely in the future..
  • Hold contains things which we won't use at Sandstorm for new projects.

If a technology is listed as HOLD, and I am using it, is this a problem?

Not at all! In fact, there are quite some technologies which we ourselves are still using in existing projects (e.g. Groovy), which we would not use today anymore – not because the technology choice was bad, but because better alternatives exist as of today (e.g. Java 8, Kotlin).

I expect this to happen quite often – some technologies which are used heavily today will be superseded tomorrow with other alternatives. That's nothing bad at all – that's just the normal cycle of technology in our business.

When will the next radar be released?

We're aiming for periodic releases; though it is unclear yet when we'll release the next one. Probably when enough has changed from the current one :-)