Diploma Thesis about FLOW3 and the Semantic Web Done!

Dear fellow readers,

I am finally finished with my Diploma Thesis about FLOW3 and the Semantic Web. Two days ago, I had my final diploma presentation at university, so I am now officially a "Diplom-Informatiker"!

In my diploma thesis, I analyzed the current state of Linked Data from the perspective of a web application programmer. Furthermore, I developed a FLOW3 based framework which can be used to connect FLOW3 Applications with the Linked Data Ecosystem. The code can be found at our GitHub account, and while it is not yet updated to work with FLOW3 1.0, I plan to do that in the next weeks.

We have some very ambitious ideas, both for our company and for the TYPO3 Project, where the developed semantic FLOW3 framework plays a key role. Stay tuned for updates!

Of course, the Diploma Thesis is also available for your reading pleasure. It’s about 100 pages, all in English for maximum reach.

So, head over to the Downloads section at Github and have fun reading my Diploma Thesis And I of course welcome every comment.

Greets, Sebastian