FLOW3 Plugin for Oh-My-ZSH

by Sebastian Kurfürst on 20.09.2012

Are you on Mac or Linux? Which Shell do you use? If you did not think about this question yet, chances are that you use good old Bash. I have used Bash for ages, but recently, switched my working environment to ZSH.

The reason? Amazing autocompletion and a ZSH configuration system called oh-my-zsh which has been praised a lot.

Now, I had some time over the christmas holidays to work on a FLOW3 plugin for oh-my-zsh, which supports the following features:

  • The flow3 command is available everywhere inside the FLOW3 distribution, so you can call it from any subdirectory you want.
  • The flow3 command now supports autocompletion, both displaying the short help and the full help for a given command
  • Some additional helpers to easily run unit and functional tests: f3unittest and f3functionaltest
  • A way to mark a FLOW3 distribution as active, and directly cd into any of its packages:

cd /anywhere/you/want

Oh, did I mention that you also get autocompletion for the package keys? 

The full plugin is available on GitHub with installation instructions and a more in-depth readme. Go check it out!

… and of course tell me what you think; either via Twitter (@skurfuerst) or via replying