Home is where your WiFi connects

Guests are always welcome at our office, especially on our next Neos CMS und Flow Meetup DD. Based on the occasion we serve coffee or beer, but always WiFi. Of course it is a good thing that we encrypt our guest WiFi but entering the passphrase on a smart phone is a tedious task. Now it is no longer necessary.

Connect to WiFi by QR–Code or NFC Tag

Our coffee lounge now features a poster containing a QR–Code and a NFC Tag to instantly connect with our guest WiFi. Touch the NFC Tag with your Android or iPhone 7+ and click connect and you're there. Older iPhones need to scan the QR–Code due to the lack of NFC Tag support.

Welcome to our guest WiFi poster in coffee lounge

easy to do & awesome to use

To generate the QR–code we used an online pure JS WiFi QR Code Generator so we do not have to send our WiFi password to some unknown place in the big wide internet.

To program the NFC Tag with an Android phone

  1. enable NFC
  2. connect to the guest WiFi
  3. click–hold the WiFi in the settings
  4. choose to write to an NFC Tag

Last but not least print out a nice poster and tape the NFC Tag to the back of it.

Welcome to our office and enjoy the WiFi!