Looking back to T3CON11

T3CON11 is over now, it was an awesome conference. Great participants, many high-quality talks and an awesome venue made this event a success.

The Current State of TYPO3 Phoenix

I was especially eager to do my talk on The Current State of TYPO3 Phoenix together with Christian Müller from the TYPO3 Phoenix team; as we were unveiling the great progress we were doing on TYPO3 Phoenix, explaining the reasons behind switching from ExtJS to SproutCore and giving a perspective on the next development steps. The extremely positive feedback of the audience made me especially happy: By using a more pragmatic approach to the Phoenix development, we seem to be on the right track.

If you did not attend T3CON, I can really recommend to watch the recording of the talk, which is already online thanks to the video team. Just go to t3con11.chaoscdn.de and search for Typo3PhoenixTheCurrentState.

Furthermore, having this talk out in the wild, means we (=the Phoenix team) are getting out of the hiding again and will blog and twitter a lot more about the progress on TYPO3 Phoenix in the next weeks and months. That makes me happy as well!

FLOW3 Goes Semantic

Furthermore, I was presenting my work on integrating the Semantic Web with FLOW3 during my diploma thesis – also this talk was really nice, and I really enjoyed presenting my visions about Linked Data to a broader audience. The talk is also online at t3con11.chaoscdn.de (title: FLOW3 Goes Semantic).

Inspiring talks and conversations

This time, I felt it was really easy to get in touch with people. I spoke to a lot of people I did not know before, and also learned quite some new things. Especially, I enjoyed getting to know David Zülke who did a great presentation on RESTful web services (also online at the video site). I had some discussions with him concerning the convergence of the RESTful web services with the Semantic Web; and by now, I think they can be a really good match. I’ll explain this in a further blog post, so stay tuned for that.

Furthermore, it was great to again meet Haymo, the whole Phoenix and v4 Team, and many good friends.

Looking forward to next year: TYPO3 Community Rocks!