Refactored TypoScript merged into Phoenix

The last week was a great week for TYPO3 Phoenix: As promised on the T3CON11, we worked heavily on the new TypoScript in the last half-year, culminating in its final merge into the code base on last Friday.

Getting there was quite a ride: We tried lots of different concepts, played through many usage scenarios and often re-thought the basic assumptions.

Now, after getting lots of inspiration from great technologies such as TypoScript v1, jQuery, xPath, CSS, we ironed out a coherent and extensible rendering concept which is not even tied to TYPO3 Phoenix, but can later be used for any FLOW3 application!

Together with the rest of the team, I have worked lots of hours on realizing the new TypoScript, and I am really delighted to have it in the code base now.

If you want to see it live, check out the default TypoScript of Phoenix and the TypoScript which powers the website. Furthermore, you can check an almost up-to-date presentation I did on the T3BOARD12.

We’ll hold various presentations on T3DD12 about this topic, and gonna prepare some documentation as well really soon. I’m excited – a big step for TYPO3 Phoenix!