Summer Event 2017

A lot has happened since our last summer event. In the past year we welcomed some new members in our team. Now, it was time for a team event again.

We spent a weekend together in the Thuringian Forest. All of us liked the idea to do something in nature where we could get active. The sunny weather told us that we should do something with water. All of this came together in a canoe tour on the Hohenwarte-Stausee, a beautiful reservoir of the Saale river.

After a sunny day on the water we relaxed with a nice BBQ in the garden of our lovely holiday home in a tiny village in the woods. The house was built in the 17th century and redeveloped to a nice little cottage. We felt so comfortable there as it provided us with everything we needed. It even had a clay oven in its kitchen, a sauna and a pool in the garden. You can imagine how much fun we had. You can see for yourself in the video. Enjoy!