Two weeks of a different classroom - internship at Sandstorm

Experiencing an IT company from within, learning the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript - that's what awaited me on May 8th, the first day that I set foot into the Sandstorm office as an intern...

...and it was not what I had expected.

I think that being an intern in a company like Sandstorm was a privilege not many students of my age get to experience. A happy and open team with lots of inside jokes... kind of not what I expected from an IT company. While the team certainly was an unexpectedly positive experience, the tasks I was given were even more so: It had come to the Sandstormers' attention that their intranet didn't look very nice. Well, here's their solution: let's ask Rita to do it!

So... I guess I did...

As I had about zero experience with anything but basic HTML, the guys had to help me a lot. That's another thing that hit me that very first day: in Sandstorm, they don't tell you that there is only that one person you can ask, and if he doesn't have time, then you have to figure it out yourself. Rather, they tell you that you can ask anyone. Sure, I had to learn that Google is my friend the hard way, but I think that overall I can give every person who took some time to explain something to me 10/10 as a teacher (even if they themselves might doubt it). In the end, I ended up finishing their internal website in six of ten days. That's when Eric came up with the second task: another way to teach me JavaScript. Quote: "Wouldn't it be cool to program 'Conway's Game of Life?'" You can see exactly how cool it was in the Demo.

I want to say a HUGE 'Thank you' to Sandstorm for giving me the opportunity of an internship and special 'thanks' to Florian, Michael, Eric, Christoph, Robert and Tobias for sacrificing their working hours to teach me all the things I learned. Thank you all for being so incredibly nice to me and for giving me so many choices throughout this internship.

I will never forget this wonderful experience.