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Growing our team and space

It is with great joy that we can announce that Nico Heist has successfully finished his Master degree at Universität Mannheim and joined us as full time employee in August.

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"I hadn't expected to learn so much and discover so many new things in the short time I've been at Sandstorm. I am eagerly looking forward to the coming years with this awesome team!"

In theory, this would create a vacant student position at Sandstorm. However due to chance we met Osama at the Designer and Developer Meetup in Darmstadt and quickly agreed with him that he is a great fill for this role. With Osama and Alex on boarded in July we now count eight Sandstormers - a really impressive growth from four at the same time last year.

Moving to new rooms in Dresden

To accommodate our growing numbers we agreed to move to a new office in Dresden. While we really enjoyed our time in the Abakus Business Center, especially the friendly service and professional atmosphere, we simply need more square meters to comfortably work together. Our new rooms (yes, more than one!) will be located just a few hundred meters away in the BioInnovationsZentrumDresden. We'll quadruple our available space, have our own meeting area and kitchen and have access to a conference floor inside the building.

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BIOZ Building (image from http://www.tzdresden.de/bioz-location.html)

These are really exciting times for us at Sandstorm and we are looking forward to share more about our projects, culture and products in future blog posts. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter!